Identifying Your Audience

To identify your audience, you will need to know what you’ll be going into. The world has a lot of different opinions and everyone will like different things. As a audio engineer, a lot of my audience would be people that are into to listening. To find out who they are you will need to set goals and find ways to know who are the listeners and you are the people that are there to support. Your audience can help you in a lot of ways such as collating with fans or getting your work out there. Use social media platform and get your target audience, show you plan and production that you will be delivering to them. Try to be different from other produces because if it’s all the same, it will just be hard to get noticeable. I think that I would be showing my music to my fans but also show it to a record label so they can help me out to start up a community for myself. This can lead to gaining more audience such as employers and users. I say users because people in different industries can use music way such as movies, mini-clips and plenty more. There are plenty examples but I like to use the 2017 Logan movie trailer (Movieclips, Jan 19th 2017). A band Kaleo used their song “Way Down We Go” for the trailer and now the song is being more recognised. People have started to listen to the song a lot more since the trailer and it has shown up on the radio “Radio 1 UAE”.

I like to gain enough support to give it to my fans, it will be useful in the audio industry to get my name out there. I want people to use it in movies, background music etc.


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