Collaborating with a fan

Collaborating with fans is a huge step, I will be speaking from my side of the creative industry which is Audio. There have been many ways to start a collaboration with fans and it is a very simple thing to do. Some artist give their fans a chance to be on an album and get their names out there for popularity. Fans can help you in different ways especially over social media. Plenty of electronic produces have done a collaboration with their fans and the outcome of this turned into something good. You can also use fans as an experiment and find out what they would like to listen to, what is their genre? what do listeners like to have on their daily trips? Using social media like Twitter or Facebook, you notify people you will be holding up a voting list for example; there will be three multiple choices of electronic music, rock or R&B. The one that gets the most votes can help the artist work on something that you will enjoy and so will your fans. The other way you can collaborate with a fan is getting them into the studio and recording them. I can not play drums so I would post to ask who would like to be my drummer in a new song and do it as if it’s an audition. At the end of the song and it being released the song will feature the fans name in it. Other way is some artist give out raw tracks for their fans to download and find out what is best remixes they can do. This is another fun way to get your fans involved.


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