I learnt that copyrights are proven documents that a person can sell, reproduce or give their own original work. Everything has a copyright law on it and this is to keep the production safe or to let the person who is about to use your work know that it has the law. The product to prove that it has the copyright law will have either a c in a circle or it may look like this “©”. If anyone has broken this law and used my project without the permission I gave them, I am more than welcome to sue the people and take them to court. It isn’t the end because some work can be used without permission and this results to being called “in public domain”, which it means the copyright contract has ended and the person has free will to use it. There are many things that can be protected by the law and it will be work like; Sound recordings, Art work, film, performances etc. There are others that aren’t protected by copyrights and I believe this can be true because it has not been made such as ideas. Other sort of stuff not protects are like methods, discoveries and concepts. To get a copyright contract you go to the U.S copyright office and this will help you provide protection over your work, but it does come at a cost and a bit of your work. You will see that copyright has pretty much taken over a lot of things because YouTubers also suffer from copyrights like if they add in a song but did not ask permission, the video won’t be played until they either fix the problem or ask the artist for permission.


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