Using social media

I learnt there are different methods to get your name out there with some popularity and that is to use social media. We looked at what can I use to advertise myself. Many people use all types from professional social media platforms to amateur platforms. Examples that can be used in this are like LinkedIn (professional platform) and Snapchat (amateur platform). There do come pro and cons using these types of social media platforms but I like to use ones that are simple like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. For Instagram, I would post photos of where I am or show what I have been up to. Maybe I can post a picture of me in a city and ask for a meet up. Facebook can come in handy when I use a page to make for myself to show viewers songs that have been done and I can start a merchandise. There are a lot you can do with Facebook showing how many followers you have and how well it can work with you. Personally, Facebook is a good starter and so is Youtube, through YouTube you can get your songs publicly noticed and this can lead to getting contracts by record labels. Twitter on other hand can help people out by giving out social links, teasers, knowing what will be done by giving updates to people. All these social media platforms are very useful if you know how to use them. People can also get in contact with a artist and for me, I would be able to get in contact with a famous person hoping they would like to collaborate with me.


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