Using social media

I learnt there are different methods to get your name out there with some popularity and that is to use social media. We looked at what can I use to advertise myself. Many people use all types from professional social media platforms to amateur platforms. Examples that can be used in this are like LinkedIn […]

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Collaborating with a fan

Collaborating with fans is a huge step, I will be speaking from my side of the creative industry which is Audio. There have been many ways to start a collaboration with fans and it is a very simple thing to do. Some artist give their fans a chance to be on an album and get […]

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I learnt that copyrights are proven documents that a person can sell, reproduce or give their own original work. Everything has a copyright law on it and this is to keep the production safe or to let the person who is about to use your work know that it has the law. The product to […]

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Identifying Your Audience

To identify your audience, you will need to know what you’ll be going into. The world has a lot of different opinions and everyone will like different things. As a audio engineer, a lot of my audience would be people that are into to listening. To find out who they are you will need to […]

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